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Considering we have a new year coming up and we have "technically" finished our gigs, I've decided to change up the site a bit to reflect the NEW album I will be working on during the cold Winter months. 

If you can't already tell by the giant banner I have up top the title of the new album will be called Elephants Bury Their Dead and I hope to have it completed by the Spring of 2017 so I can get out there to promote with my band to support it. More specifics wil be listed in my NEW blog which is called The Ephant Diaries and the button is listed above. 

Doesn't mean however that the band and I will be slacking on the live front. Plans are in the works for some special acoustic shows in Jan and Feb to keep the momentum going! One will be more of a "Storytellers" type set where I will talk about each song and the meaning behind it, while the one in February will be more in line with a theme my old band Brady Bastards did yeats ago around Valentine's Day called "Stripped Naked Love" which will have more of a "love day" theme with lots of great music and surpises in store. 

More info will be up soon in the diaries, but give me a shout and let me know what you think of the new site design! 





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