Live album release date, gigs and #D365!


Hope everyone is doing well and looking forward to Spring and warmer temperatures! Let me tell you, it can’t come soon enough.

Since I have the time, I wanted to post a bloggy blog entry to talk about latest happenings in the world of myself and The Critically Ashamed.

First off, in case you haven’t seen recently we FINALLY announced the release date of our upcoming album “All the Clams…LIVE!” for FRIDAY MARCH 15TH! It’s been submitted to all of the streaming sites for release on the Ides of March and listening back to it, I’m very, very proud of it and it came out great!

Live Album Cover .PNG

What I really dig about it is not only is it a great representation of how we come across when we play live and the talent of each person in the CAB, you get a chance to hear some of my favorite songs from releases like “Elephants…” sound the way I really wanted them to.

Although I am still proud of the songs on that album and they still get a ton of listens/streams to this day, sonically when I listen back because I was in a dark place at the time and I waited so long to release, the recordings honestly to me were considered “good enough…” and were just put out at the end of 2017 doing it all myself using programmed drums.

When you listen to the live album, songs like “Soursome”, “I’ve Talked To The Devil”, “The End of An Error” even “Resurrection” sound killer with Gary on live drums and Noah playing keys and mandolin so it was awesome to capture those songs live with the energy and passion they were supposed to have! To this day, out of the three albums the songs are Elephants I tend to gravitate towards the most since they are some of my favorites to play.

Also, I’m sure you saw online as well we have some gigs coming up starting in early March!

Because I like to wait until the Spring to book gigs for the band, I start to get a little anxious as time passes not because I want to jump in the car in frigid temps and bad weather to play shows, I get self conscious thinking “fuck, are we going to be able to get gigs? Maybe people will forget about us or not want to see us live” but as always patience prevails and things start to get booked.

I like to have gigs booked every 4-6 weeks from March-November that seems to be “the magic number” for me. Of course I will take what we can get, but at the same time I’d rather play 8-9 times a year at decent venues I like to play rather than overdo it. Like I’ve said in the past, my days of booking gigs in NYC or NJ for no money on a Tuesday at 1am for “exposure” are over!

I’m also hoping that with our new deal with 31 Records, now that things are moving along nicely we will start to see more good quality gigs in new places and even new states if it makes sense for us! Having calls with the label, they totally get where I am coming from and understand that if we are going to travel it has to be worth our time and cover expenses. It’s nice to have an outside team now handling PR, booking, management, all of that I’ve been waiting for this forever!

So far we have our first gig at The Loft in Poughkeepsie on SAT MARCH 9TH! It’s funny when we played The Chance a few years back on the first album I thought we were playing The Loft which is attached and is the smaller type venue you play before they move you downstairs but it just happened they put us at The Chance back then so it’s like we are working backwards…ha! However, seeing Blue Alien Mystic play there a few weeks ago and seeing some of the national acts playing up there it’s a good place to be and looking forward to it a lot!

Not to mention, that night holds a special spot to me since it’s the day before I hit my 1 year sobriety date! Looking back it’s been a wild and not always easy journey but It feels so good to be clean, clear, sober and more focused than ever. I feel healthier and I have never sounded better with my singing/playing too.

I always used to think I would “lose my edge” if I quit drinking but it’s been quite the opposite! To me, there’s nothing more dangerous than a person with a clean and clear mind with a mission and I have been more creative musically than I’ve been in years! Back in The Dalliance or even Brady Bastards I was lucky to squeeze out new 2-3 songs a year and in only 4-5 years of performing solo I have three full length albums and about 9-10 songs written for a fourth!

I have demoed these songs already at my home studio so I can present them to the band and like the past few releases, I always end up having a song or two left over from the last recording cycle that I loved, but just didn’t fit the theme of the album so I end up taking that song and almost start building the new release around it in a way.

For Elephants, I took “Awake!” and “Get Out The Door” and started from there.

For Glamour I took an old song “The Gift” and started there, even though I didn’t even include on the album.

This time, I had wrote a song called “Serendipity U and Me” a few years ago that for some reason I never included on any of the albums, but when I went back to it near the end of last year I used it as a starting point for this new record. It’s fast, guitar driven, very punk rock dare I say very Brady Bastards like? It’s a sound I wanted to get back to this time.

While the last album was me exploring that “left of the dial” type of sound with focus on keys, bass and that late 80’s Alternative sound I loved as a teen drooling of sex and kink, this one I wanted to go back even further and have a very guitar driven, almost 70’s hard rock, punk sound to it but listening back it’s a nice mix of brutally heavy and lighter melodic.

There’s songs like the one above, along with others like “Blister Spit” and “First Person Hero” that are fast, heavy and brutal. But then there are others like “The One Thing I don’t Do” that is almost AC/DC sounding, to ones like “The Bleeding Deacon” that has a hip-hop beat/flavor to it and “Sidewalk Chalk” that I swear could be on a Men At Work record! So far they all go well together even the last track called “Hospice Lullaby” which I honestly don’t think I can perform live without crying.

I’m hoping to sneak in some time during the Summer where the band and I can hole up somewhere for a few days, knock these songs out recording them together in a live setting and release before the end of the year. Past albums I recorded and played all on my own with a drummer, but after hearing the live album and being with this current lineup over a year, we ALL need to be on this new record playing together.

So, tons of exciting stuff for me and the band coming up! Thank you all again for supporting me, my music and this band it means the world to me.

Stay Gold,



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