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Hello everyone! 

Hope everyone is enjoying their "sorta" Spring. I swear there are some pics I have around this time where I'm wearing jackets and some where I have shorts on but alas this year we are still stuck in the cold/rain and even snow! Can't wait to break out the ol' Cargo Shorts am I right Darrell? 

So I assume if you are reading this post, you have noticed the NEW design of the website! I like with each album cycle to change the theme and look of the site to go along with the album. 

Now you might be saying to yourself "Hey, but didn't you just release an full length album at the end of 2017?" Why yes I did but guess what, MORE MUSIC IS ON THE WAY! 

Since it's been a few months and since A LOT has changed figured it was time to catch everyone up on what's been going on with myself and the band and what to expect from us in the future so strap in kids...

So where I left off on the last blog (which if you click and look through the "About me" section in the menu I make seperate blogs for each album in case you want to catch up) when we last left your hero, although "Elephants..." was released at the end of the year and has been doing well so far (to this date, over 500 streams so far in over 12 different countries in only 3 months of release!) I was put to the task of replacing our beloved "Martini Fueled Madman" Vic on drums and yet once again try to get the CAB back up and running. 

Replacing a member of the band is never a fun thing, especially someone as dear as Vic who was with me on this journey since day 1, but I am proud to announce we have a NEW member of the CAB and his name is GARY SOFKO! 

Gary is a great drummer, as well as an all around good dude so I'm psyched to have Gary boarding the pirate ship!

We have been playing together for a few years now in Split Decision so when we had these gigs (supposedly) coming up I asked if he could fill in and he agreed. After clicking so well with the rest of us during rehearsals, I asked for him to join full time and not only did he agree, he has been instrumental (see what I did there?) in helping me with playing and recording the live drums on the new album, as well as the mixing process. 

Speaking of recording, as I mentioned above and if you notice the main page on this site or follow the band and I on social media, you also know that I have a NEW SINGLE I released on Bandcamp yesterday called "Peg" that is available for download and streaming now for FREE! It will also be up on all of the major streaming sites like Spotify, Apple Music and all that in a few days and this the first single from a NEW ALBUM I am in the process of finishing up with Gary as we speak. 

While waiting for things to happen last year before I finally released "Elephants...", I was still working on and writing new material since the songs on EBTD where done for awhile and I was already looking ahead to what I wanted to do next and what the subject matter/theme was going be about for album #3. The band at the time was sorta in flux and we literally hadn't had a gig or even rehearsed for months so I took advantage of the "downtime" 

See for me personally, not only have I always been more of an "album guy" rather than just singles, I've always loved and admired artists who for every release they put out switch it up as far as look and sound.

Don't get me wrong, there's something about picking up say a new AC/DC or Slayer record and knowing exactly what it's going to sound like when you hit play, those right there are two of my favorite bands! However it was artists like Bowie,  Madonna, The Beatles, Prince and even to an extent bands like Motley Crue or Marilyn Manson where each album they released had an almost completely different look and sound to them. 

Bowie went from Ziggy Stardust to The White Duke. Beatles went from mop tops and suits to The White Album. Even Motley went from studs and leather to ripping off Aerosmith for "Theatre of Pain". Some eras or albums you might have liked better than others, but all of these types of artists/bands still kept the signature thing that attracted you to them in the first place, while keeping it fresh. 


So I decided a long time ago if I ever got the chance to write music and release albums as a "solo artist" (I don't know why but I HATE that term when referring to myself) Each album I would put out would have a unifying theme to it and each album would look and sound different, but still would be me. 

Looking back, HEAL is my "positive piano driven" album, Elephants is a "darker, raw more emotional mental wreck" type of album so you might say to yourself "well, what's this one about you fool?" 


In a few different musical projects I've been involved with over the years, I used to say to myself a lot "man I'd love to put out and write more in that 80's alternative sounding style that I grew up with as a teen" so that's what I am trying to do now with this new album (which I have been calling "Glamour" but I haven't 100% decided on that name..hence is why this blog is called The Glamour Files") 

Although I was raised on and embraced more of the heavy metal, punk, hardcore and hard rock bands when I was younger, by the time I was a senior in High School not only were albums like Faith No More "The Real Thing" or Motley's "Dr Feelgood" released (which were great and I loved) but back then we also had The Pixies "Doolittle", New Order "Technique",  The Smiths "Strangeways Here We Come", NIN's "Pretty Hate Machine" and of course, The Cure's "Disintegration" which all of that music brings me right back to that awkward time of teenage hormones and my obsession with girls. 

So when I was writing these songs last year, I found myself cutting back on the distortion on the guitars, using keyboards more as a synth pad for a background mood, focusing more on my "main instrument" the bass as the driving force for the songs and when it came to lyrics and vocals? I wanted to tap into that romantic, sexual style like Robert Smith, Morrisey, Simon Lebon and to an extent...even Prince and have every song deal with sex and taboo topics. Funny thing is when I did, next thing I knew in only a few months I had like 7-8 completed songs written and was really digging what I came up with. 

I kept saying to myself "I want this album to be a mixture of Purple Rain, Madonna's "Erotic", Duran Duran's "Rio" and The Cure all in one" I want people who listen to the album while they are fucking each other or at least give you that dirty feeling like you want to be fucking when you listen to it. Just like I felt when I was listening to stuff like Depeche Mode as a teen and yearning to be touched or just to make out. 

Plus the great thing about the lyrics? Not a single curse word. Listening to songs on the album like the one I just released "Peg", or other songs on there like "Mouthbreed", "Tools of Her Trade" "See Salt" or "Ride It" if you read the lyrics It's not hard to tell what the song is about, but at the same time It's not like I'm putting out The Mentors or 2 Live Crew songs. 

Wait is this a Brady Bastards band photo? 

Wait is this a Brady Bastards band photo? 

I seriously cannot wait for people to hear this album and I'm sure I might get some negitave response to the subject matter from some but you know what? Doesn't matter to me. 

So check out the new single "Peg" and feel free to comment, share and discuss. Funny, this song is actually the heaviest song on the whole album, but it's the first one we finished and when I heard what a good job Gary did on the drums and the mix? I was excited to release it to let you know what you are in store for. 

THANK YOU ALL for reading, supporting, listening and starting next week we are back to playing shows! Hope to see you at a few I promise you don't want to miss these shows the band is sounding better than ever and we are going to not just play music...but put on a SHOW. 

Much Self Love, 





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