Entering the Frozen Tundra


Hope everyone is well! I noticed when coming on here to check stuff It’s been awhile since I last posted, so wanted to write to let everyone know what’s going on in the land of Glamour and Filth!

So if you have been reading and I’m sure you’ve noticed my latest album “Glamour & Filth” was released almost 2 months ago on 9/15 and I am happy to say the album is doing very, very well on the streaming/downloading front so I couldn’t be happier!

As the way things are these days with album releases , the “music scene” or basically any form of entertainment in general, when a new album, movie, etc. is released by an artist it all comes down to first week “sales”. You tend to see a big spike in listens/streams when a product first comes out, which can also trickle down into past releases a bit but after that first week, or even month it tends to dry up a bit and kind of hits a plateau at a certain mark.

Well I am pleased to say (and brag humblily) that the new album as a whole is quickly closing up on 1/2 of what the last album “Elephants…” has streamed so far and it has only been less than 3 months! Even looking at my first album HEAL it’s @ 35% of what HEAL has streamed so far to date and that came out in 2015!

One big factor seems to be one of the songs on the album called “Sweetener”. As much as I love this song, I didn’t release it as a single before the album (I mean come on, I got a little excited and released like 4!) But I noticed when the album was released in mid September it has been averaging @ 60 downloads/streams a month!

To put into perspective, so far my highest listened song (which you can guess which one) is at @ 200 total. Sweetener is currently at 160.

Now I’m sure some people will probably say “eh, that’s not a lot what’s the big deal?” Some established artists or bands get thousands and thousands of streams, but for me personally? This shows me that people are actually listening and on a steady level to boot which to me means It’s growing slowly which makes me very happy on a personal level. To think that my Spotify page went from 2 to 10 to last month having over 90 listeners to my music a month? To me, that’s what it’s all about.

Other fun stats I saw on my Spotify Artist account today which I found interesting:

81% of my audience is Female

Most of my audience is either 18-22 or under 22

Streams are coming from not just Tri-State, but from places like Canada, UK and cities like Houston, Long Beach, Philly, DC, Nashville, Tulsa, Portland and a bunch more each month!


I swear I think sometimes It’s getting streams because they think I’m Ariana Grande LOL Fuck that skinny bitch even though this album came out before mine I wrote the song first! Hey whatever works…just teasing love ya AG 😛

I’m always shocked to this day that anyone (besides myself) listens to a song I wrote, or buys a sticker, T-Shirt, anything from me so to everyone who have supported me and the band THANK YOU AGAIN!

So what does the future hold for your perverted hero?

What seems to happen to me these days with my album releases I always like to hole up in the Winter so I can write/record (because who wants to have gigs or travel when it’s 10 degrees and snowing in these parts?!). But I swear everytime I try to get new music out by Spring so we can get to playing gigs in the warmer weather what happens is I end up not finishing and releasing till Fall, which doesn’t leave us much time to really hit the stage to support. It’s kinda a bummer to be honest.

Looking back at 2018, between lineup changes (yet again), conflicting schedules and some personal things that I’ve been going through we really only got to squeeze about 4 shows TOTAL this year. Sure some fun ones (they are always fun!) but not without a lot of struggles. Luckily my pals in the Splits have kept me busy with live shows, but on a personal/original music level, although a killer album was released IMHO, that’s about it.

However, I am NOT going to go down!

The plan I have in mind is to film an official video for “Sweetener” for release in early 2019. I have a neat storyboard and ideas for it and have been speaking to some talented people like Dizzy Parker and others to see if we can get this filmed. Casting and other news on that will hopefully be released soon!

Here’s Dizzy’s latest go subscribe to his channel!

I’m also playing with the idea during the Winter to perform solo acoustic gigs at various open mics and other venues which I’m calling the “Too Cold to Load Tour”. I’m thinking open mics solely since depending on the weather if It’s driveable and my schedule allows I can pop in with my acoustic, do a song or two and hopefully get in good with the club/bar so we can bring the full band. Of course any of the CAB can show up with me, but this way we don’t have to worry about promoting, then cancelling due to weather and/or lug a whole bunch of gear and worry about everyone’s schedules.

I know we have some ski freaks in my band, but plllleassse let it be a mild winter this year.!

I know we have some ski freaks in my band, but plllleassse let it be a mild winter this year.!

The venues that have the open mic's I will choose what dates I plan on going ahead of time, release those dates all at once and be done with it so that Info will be sent out soon too!

Other than that? Believe it or not, I already have @ 6-7 song ideas I’ve been working on for another album, which I plan on working on and writing more in the downtime Winter months. As usual, one or two are ones I held onto but never put on an official full length album (just put out as demos) but a few new ones that are still in the very early stages.

If I had to predict the style/theme of this one? I’m going back to the raw, fast, punk sounding songs dare I say more Brady Bastards type?

The ones I have so far are heavy, raw and fast but I also have some that lay off a bit. It’s way too early to tell, but I have been using a picture of my childhood home in Bay Ridge Brooklyn as almost my muse for this one for some reason. I feel like I want to visit the style of that 70’s CBGB’s dirty, old NYC vibe for this one and I also want to record the songs with the CAB as live as we can to have the raw and the energy, but also keep it coherent. We shall see….

Hope to see you all soon!

Much Love,




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