Hope everyone is doing well and getting ready for the holiday goodness. At our household the snowman tree is up, the outside lights are being projected and the elves are being their usual dicks. Can't believe I have another 20 some-odd days of putting those two idiots all over the house...ha!

So, If you read my last entry last month you saw that I decided after over a year of debating, tinkering, hemming and hawing over my latest album I said F IT and went ahead and released the first single from the album "Resurrection", which came out on Thanksgiving. Then I finally  picked a release date for "Elephants Bury Their Dead", which will be up on all streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, etc. on 12/29 with the pre-order on BandCamp released last week! 

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So far, the response from the single and the people who have listened to the whole album on bandcamp has been very positive  and to everyone who pre-ordered the album already on Bandcamp THANK YOU! You are my heroes and I hope when the album drops you enjoy the bonus hidden track at the end, it’s a little taste of what’s to come in the next release (which believe it or not I’m about 4 songs in already!) 

These past two years since the release of my last album HEAL have been quite the roller coaster for me and if you listen to this new album you can definitely tell by the lyrics and the overall sound.

Where HEAL was very piano driven, lighter (in most spots, there's a few bangers on there) and was my attempt to show my journey from being a physical mess to a healthier, more positive me, this new album although darker and heavier does have some similar goals. 

This was before I started. Kids put this video on recently and I was shocked how fat I was! I have to remember when I feel heavy that I went from that to this below 😉   

This was before I started. Kids put this video on recently and I was shocked how fat I was! I have to remember when I feel heavy that I went from that to this below 😉



From being diagnosed with anxiety/depression in the beginning of 2016, to slipping back into bad habits, lineup changes, strained/damaged relationships to just overall shit this was an album I NEEDED to get out this year to prove something to myself.

No matter what difficulties you have going on in your everyday life whether it's your relationships with your friends, family or loved ones, or your career, or just your overall day in general. You need to bury that shit, pick your head up and move on as best you can. 

It's like that thing that some people do where they write down the things they want to get rid of, crumple it in a ball and throw it in a fire. When I heard that podcast where the host casually said "you know Elephants bury their dead?" The phrase just clicked for me and it's a title I've held onto for many years.

Taking those "elephants in the room" that you don't want to face, confronting it, burying it and moving on. There's no other album title that fits better for these songs than this one. 

We are only on this spinning rock for a short while folks. Don't waste it feeling trapped and miserable thinking there's no way out of it because there is. Your life is what you make it. It's nobody's fault but your own so don't point fingers and place blame. 

I've been trying the past few years and slowly learning there are basic solutions to 90% of problems.

You don't like the way you look? Change it! Get a nice new outfit that fits well or a haircut or just stop eating garbage and look the way YOU want to. Dye your hair purple, get sleeves of tattoos or don't get a single one and be yourself. 

Your career sucks and/or don't like your job? Get a new one! I've seen people who make a ton of money who are empty inside and miserable and I've also seen the person who makes my coffee in the morning and loves doing it because they are good at it! Money is great and all, but I've been happier at times living in squalor because I was surrounded by people I loved. 

And of course the one I can't stress enough. You have a hard time expressing yourself? Create and make something!

For decades I was the fat kid with the bent glasses sweating in the corner who had a vivid imagination and was creative as fuck but just couldn't express himself or share his ideas because he was too afraid to speak up.

To this day, I have an extremely difficult time facing confrontation and expressing how I really feel (see anxiety mentioned above) it's just the way I've always been. However, the one way I am able to express myself and speak my true feelings besides writing lengthy blog confessions? 

Making music. 


For you it doesn’t  have to be music it can be painting, drawing, writing, poetry or even podcasting. I’ve heard one of my heroes Kevin Smith say this a lot (And I’m paraphrasing) if you haven't heard your story yet? Make it yourself!

Expressing yourself and creating through art no matter what kind for me has always been extremely therapeutic.

I can't tell you how many times I've been in a really bad head space but once I walked in a room, screamed my head off with loud amps blaring and cymbals crashing everywhere I've walked out completely better.

You know how many times I've gotten mad, upset or just plain frustrated and just sat down and wrote lyrics? You can even toss em if you want, but 9X out of 10 if you set it down and look back at them later it's pure gold because It came from an honest place. A lot of the lyrics on this and even past albums I listen back and go How did I even come up with this? 

I tend to get reflective a lot around the end of a year (and my birthdays as well) thinking about how things went, what was good, what was bad and what I can do better for next time. I try to think of little things that I can do a little at a time over the year so I don't get overwhelmed. 

I sat on this album and songs for almost 2 years because I didn't listen to the advice I'm saying above. I worried about "oh it's not gonna sound professional" or "how am I going to record vocals and live drums?" to even "nobody cares anyway, why are you even bothering?" 

But after really listening to what I had I finally said to myself "These are killer songs and they sound great the way they are now...who cares stop thinking so much and just put it out" 

When I first started posting songs on Bandcamp years ago to show people what I was up to, even though I kept prefacing it by saying "these are just demos, not the final thing!" those were the ones that got the most attention because you know why? The songs were good and honest and from the heart.

Since then with practice and the advancements of apps like GarageBand I've been able to get the songs I record here to sound the best I can and I'm extremely proud of this album. I'd be lying If I said I don't care if anyone listens but at the same time, If I love it and some of the people I care about and others like it as well? In the end I'm happy and I hope that you like it too.  

Now that I've finally buried this elephant and hopefully the things that the songs are about? It's time to move on. 

Be on the lookout soon with entries about what each song is about, more releases in 2018 (now that I know how to actually do it) and shows with my friends in The Critically Ashamed Band in the new year with a happier, clearer and a positively aggressive me. This time in a good way. 

Much Love, 




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