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Hello there! Well, after beating our heads for a few months and working on new songs for my next album, we finally have a bass player and some gigs on the way!

We are super excited to include one of my dearest friends SHAWN FINNEY taking over on bass duties (hehe I said duties) while I concentrate on singing and playing keys. We've been playing on and off in various bands since I was a teen so we are extremely happy to have him aboard. Fits like a glove and we are a real oiled machine now. 


So now that we are a 5 piece again we have some awesome gigs lined up FINALLY!

Kraftwerk or Ratt's Dancing Undercover? You decide...



First, we will be heading to where I grew up on the mean streets of Mahopac NY to play our first show in almost a year at the FREIGHT HOUSE CAFE! Owner is a someone I went to High School with and she has an amazing place right in the area where I used to walk around, grab a slice, sneak smokes and try to pretend to skateboard. It should be a great night and lots of old friends so hope to see you there!


Then next month we will be back in lovely Stamford CT at the SEASIDE TAVERN! Never been there, but it looks like a really cool place and they cater to original music, so we are excited to go there and make some noise! 


Lots more open mics I'm sure as well as some other dates being lined up so stay tuned! I'll be also posting in the blog about how YOU can be part of the pirate ship. 


Much Love, 





Greetings eveyone! To quote that band Staind "it's been awhilllle" 

IF you want to catch up with what I have been up to this past few months, I am posting a new entry in the HEAL blog this weekend. Don't worry true believers I have not blown up into a whale again living under a bridge drinking Wild Turkey. Quite the contrary, down over 70lbs and still staying on the path of HEAL as best I can. 

But that's the HEAL blog, this is the music news part so let's get into that shall we? 

First off, HEAL has been out for a few months now and all of the support, comments and feedback has been tremendous so THANK YOU AGAIN! I am very proud of that album and although I'm not selling gazillions of copies and rolling in the dough (but what independent artist is really?) I am very pleased with the results and sites like, and others have been very helpful and I'm getting so many great responses and plays on these sites which is what it's all about to me!


Now unfortunately as of now the live shows haven't been happening as much as I would have hoped. We were able to do 2 shows at the end of the year, but once 2016 hit a lot of setbacks arised both with myself and the lineup that prevented us from playing out more but FEAR NOT The Critically Ashamed Band is now down to a 4 piece with myself jumping back from keys and bass and the plan is to play heavily throughout the Summer to promote HEAL! If a bassist, keyboardist or both comes along that we can add to the mix that fits we will certanily audition and add, but right now the 4 of us are very close, the set sounds better than ever and we are excited to get out there. I prefer gigging in the warm weather months anyway instead of the frozen tundra. Look out on this site for gigs hopefully soon and come on out! 

Come to the shows and you might hear and old classic like this! 

Speaking of the Summer, this brings me to news regarding the new look (finally dude, isn't that what this whole entry is supposed to be about? GET TO IT!) 

While out there playing shows I decided that I am also going to start working on the next album. During the "downtime" I bought an IPad PRO in the beginning of the year which has really given me the ability to do more home recording, write new songs and go through what has been sitting in there already to see what I can do with those ideas. 

Right now I have about 4-5 complete songs written. Two you might have heard already ("Awake" and "Get Out The Door" will be redone and on there) plus I have some other new ones I wrote recently like "Leftover Romance", "I've Talked To The Devil" and others I'm still working on as we speak with titles like "Soursome", "The End of an Error" and yes "MuddFukk". The first two I mentioned we have been jamming on ("Awake" has always been our opener) and the plan is to work these into the set to gauge the reaction while I'm working on the album. 

The release is probably a long ways away (after working on HEAL I realized it takes more time than I thought and I don't need to rush it) but yes, I already have a cover, title and some interesting ideas for the "Theme" and how I want to record certain things on the album......behold: 


Ummmm OK I don't get it? 

Ummmm OK I don't get it? 

Some of you in the know might have heard this title from me before. I wanted to call the last Dallance album this when we were thinking of a full album and even before I came up with HEAL I wanted to use this title for my debut.

In the past the only meaning behind it was "man that's a cool name for an album". I heard someone say it on a podcast I was listening to in the car one day and it stuck for some reason. I don't know how they got on the topic, but they were talking about how elephants when one of them dies actually show grief with tears and try to bury their departed which I found very facinating. Here's an article on it below:

But after experiencing the things I've went through the past few months (which read the blog about that) this title took on a whole new meaning for me which made me want to use it for this album even more. The overall theme of this year and album is taking those "Elephants" in my life, those issues or Elephants in the room I've been staring at half of my life and finally putting them to rest. Last year was all about getting physically healthier, this time It's all about getting the brain clear. 

And the idea I have this time, which I hope I can achieve and pull off? 

recording all of the main vocals for the album at verious gravesites. 

I have to work out the technical logistics of it still and see if I can do it but I thought it would be very powerful to record my vocals at places like my dad's grave, other family or friends I've lost sites, get that experence and be done with it. To finally "bury the dead" in my mind and let it go once and for all. 

Of couse if it happens, it will be documented and any ideas on how to get it done will be gladly listened to I could use the help. 

That's enough rambling, more info soon. I hope you all will keep following this new journey with me. 

Onward and Upward. 








Noticed I haven't updated this in awhile (all of the action has been going on at the HEAL BLOG since I update on my phone) but wanted to put in the news that HEAL IS RELEASED! Official press release is below:


After over 30 years, 8 different bands, 3 different labels, a dozen recordings and 44 years on this planet Gregry Gilroy has finally taken matters into his own hands. 

September marked the release of Greg's debut solo album HEAL and this time, he was on a mission. Near the end of 2014, after his prior band The Dalliance disbanded in the Summer Greg found himself looking in the mirror and not liking what he saw "coming up on the holidays I found myself in real bad shape health wise after years of abuse. I was over 300 pounds, I ate junk food constantly, I smoked, I drank heavily and it got to the point where I was even having chest pains and trouble walking. I had given up on myself" 

So by the beginning of 2015, Greg decided to make a change by not only pursuing writing and recording music on his own as a solo artist, he would take back his life and health at the same time and document the whole process online and in his music. "I decided while I was taking on this journey of getting better and changing my lifestyle I would blog about the experience to keep myself accountable while at the same time, updating people on what I was doing musically. All I had was a few song ideas on my IPad, a website and a picture of a clay heart necklace my oldest daughter Zoey made for me with the words "HEAL coming 2015" and hit the ground running" 

Recording 9 songs over the span of a few months in a number of different locations, HEAL not only showcased Greg branching out into unfamiliar musical territory, through proper dieting, yoga and the aid of technology his appearance became unfamiliar to his audience as well "In the span of 9 months while recording the album I lost over 60 pounds and haven't felt this good in years. I watched what I ate using various calorie counting apps and wearing a Fitbit, practiced Yoga 3 times a week and incorporated healthy choices into my diet and slowly, the pounds came off and my energy increased dramatically. People who see me now are shocked I went from pounding cheap beer and fast food to kale smoothies and salads and it shows both in my appearance and performance" 

Combining his usual territory of straight up guitar rock anthems like his latest single "I Wish I Had You Forever" (with lyrics and melody written by the same daughter that gave him the heart necklace on the cover) with indie piano driven charm like "Absolutely Everything" HEAL takes the listener on a musical tale of a person who went from being tired, sick and miserable to healthy, focused and clear. Greg has assembled a group of musicians called The Critically Ashamed Band and plans to hit the bar/club circuit starting in November to promote the album. 

In the meantime, the album is available on all platforms including ITunes/Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play and many other platforms including cassette which comes with a free digital download when you purchase from his website which is where you can find his 'Heal Blog" and all the info you need about upcoming shows, music and events. 



In honor of Father's Day I decided to release the debut single from the upcoming album "Absolutely Everything" which you can listen to by clicking on the button DEBUT SINGLE above, or download the song from my bandcamp page which is also above! 

This was a song I've been working on for a long time and is a musicial love letter to my two children, so I felt it appropriate to release it on this special day for me. 

I never thought way back when I was a punk kid in my 20's I would end up being a parent and having my two daughters not only showed me what true unconditional love is, It was the best decision I've ever done in my life and makes me want to be a better ma, which is what this song and the whole album is all about. 

I've also set up a page on the site where you can pre-order the album if you choose on CASSETTE OR CD! Each physical copy purchase will have codes to download the physical copies for FREE as well so you technically get two copies of the album for one price! I'm also working on including a special bonus track for just the CD and cassette so you get a little something extra along with the cool artwork, all that jazz... button for the pre-order is also above and if you only want the digital download, pre-orders are also avaialble on my BANDCAMP page as well. 

This will give me a good idea of how many physical copies I will be pressing, so if you can pre-order that would be great. Although I think crowd source funding is a great thing for artists, wether I make a dime from this or not I would still press physical copies regardless and I wanted to fund this album 100% myself. It's coming out of my own pocket because I beleive in myself and this album so I see it as investing in myself. 

 I hope you all enjoy!! 




Wow, looking at this it's been quite a long time since I updated you all on the music! Well there's lots to tell, so strap in (or on whatever you prefer). 

Just last week I was finally able to get the people I've been talking to for awhile to get in a room, put on the instruments and see what happens and It was great! We tackled a few covers I picked out just to feel it out and get comfortable and honestly, even though it was a little rough and we were all trying to figure it out It felt really good with these cats! We are were smiling, laughing and getting along really well which to me was the real test. I left excited and am anxious to get back next week so we can tackle some of the songs from the album.

I found a great place to rehearse with the band at an old friend Dave's studio in Brewster! Check his place out and tell em Gregry sent ya! 

The plan is to do a full 3 set show of covers with some of the original songs from HEAL peppered in to gain interest, or if the place allows a full set of original material. We're talking mostly HEAL and some of the other solo singles I released last year like "Awake", "The Gift", etc. and even throw in some songs from my past projects like The Dalliance songs I did and of course Brady Bastards. 

And of course we have to talk about what's going on with HEAL......

I've been kind of in a holding pattern with where I was last month. Still have to finish vocals on two more songs then there's mixing, mastering, photo shoots, finishing the artwork for yes....the pressing and how is HEAL coming out? 


Yes I found a company that will be pressing the tapes for me professionaly so I will be releasing the album not only on the regular digital platforms like I-Tunes, Spotify, Beats, etc. but you will be able to purchase HEAL on cassette as well! Why would I do such a silly thing and why would you buy? 

A - It's friggin cool. When I was a kid I was more of a tape guy than vinyl. Plus I thought of doing vinyl but it's too damn expensive. 

B- You can get all of the cool artwork and a physical product IN YOUR HANDS

C- Each cassette you buy comes with a special download code as well, so you still get a copy digitally FOR FREE. So hey you get two copies of HEAL! 

Expect more content here and on social media soon and more frequently! 




Just got back last week with a recording session/vacation with my pal Darrell at his home studio HoundSound in Cleveland and we got to tackle 6 tracks from my upcoming album! It was great, Darrell laid down some awesome drum tracks for me and I was able to lay down some vocals on the tracks I was working on here at my own home studio GBR2.0! Was so nice to hear the songs come together with proper drums and vocals with a proper mic not screaming into an IPad. 

So, I decided that I will be taking two songs from my 2014 release and adding to the album just because they are two of my favorites that haven't been properly recorded and a few others I've written especially for this album.  Depending on what I can get done in the next two months you will either see HEAL as either a 6 song EP, or a proper full length with 10 songs. There's a few I want to tackle but there is much to be done on the last 4. you go...track listing so far!

ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING (first single to be released 4/21) 






Release date for the album goal....MAY 26TH 

In the meantime though, befre the release of my new album I think it might be some time to revisit some of the past....

1- If you haven't seen yet, PRODUCT OF SOCIETY has finally released our EP "Lords of The Bling" finallly on BandCamp! This was a 5 song EP we recorded ages ago that we never really properly released..UNTIL NOW! Link is below, check it out and download FOR FREE! One of the members of this band you might be seeing playing in my new backing band this Summer I am calling The Centers of Attention (speculate, speculate!) 

2 - Can you believe in May it will be 10 YEARS since BRADY BASTARDS released our debut album "The Deep End" ?? Time certainly does fly. I have always been extremely proud of this band and this album because it was the first time ever that I was able to step away from just being a bass player and "riff contributor", front a band as a lead vocalist and complete a song from start to finish. I got to reconnect with two musicians and old friends from the past, start a new project and with only 3 songs abd a concept sign a deal and put out an album on a label in a very short time. We knocked out 11 songs in two days in the studio! The first single "SnowGlobe" to this day is not only the first song I wrote for the band (FUN FACT: The riff for this song was supposed to be for a lyric I had called "The Ballad of St Marks Place" which I eneded up using for a completly different song on our next EP Purge) it was the song that got the most "heat" ending up in indie movies, on local radio and even in a transgendered man's bedroom that we never met before. I wish I could find that You Tube link of that, but here's a video of one of my favorite performances of that song...


So....In honor of our 10 year anniversary of that debut album and since it was never released digitaly I am thinking of putting out THE DEEP END 10 next month with all of the songs from the album online, including some other treats like new artwork and rare video performances from "The Vault" that you can download along with the album when you purchase! Found some real cool videos we recorded that I think would be really cool to share. 

So you wanna see it? If you are reading this Hastag #DEEPEND10 and I'll keep you posted...

Onward and upward...




Some of you might recognize it, but some might be wondering "What's with the heart all over this site? Where did it come from?" so I figured on "Love Day" I would put it on here in case anyone was wondering. 

This heart is one of the very first presents I received from my eldest daughter Zoey for Valentine's Day. It came on this fuzzy string of yarn (you can see the hole in the middle for it, which looks cool in the pic IMHO) and it's just one of those things you get from your children that you will cherish always for the rest of your life because you can tell she worked hard on it and it was made with a lot of love. 

It's really neat it almost looks like a stale sugar cookie that was painted and sprinkled with glitter and there were a few times when I was playing with The Dalliance where I would wear it on stage. Evidence listed here

Funny, after sweating on stage while wearing I would often find pink stains on my shirt from the paint. 

One day when I saw it sitting on my dresser, I snapped a pic of it on my phone and that pic looking back at it later was part of the inspiration for all of this. The songs that will be on HEAL are all about positivity, love and of course healing. Coming back from a few years, more like half my life of abusing my mind and body and trying to get better little by little. When I came up with the idea for HEAL I immediately thought of that pic I took and that is going to be the cover for the album, any merch, the whole focus. 

Even one of the songs on the album "I wish I had You Forever" Zoey herself wrote the lyrics and melody for while we were in her room and I was goofing around on the pink Strat I bought her for her birthday last year. 

Thanks again kiddo. You are my muse xoxoxo 




Well, I decided once I found out that you can't contact anyone on unless you pay for it (aint it always the way?) I plunked down the $12 for the month so I can e-mail anyone on it who was local to see if they would be interested in doing some live shows, or just jamming to see if anything happens. It's actually a pretty neat site people can set up a profile, post music tracks, pics or even You Tube clips of themselves and you can search by location. At first I was hestiant, it felt kind of like I was "Tindering" for musical hookups (Or Grindering, whichever you prefer). 

Turns out after only a week or so I've been talking back and forth with some pretty cool and interesting people! Looks like I have some good potential drummers, bassists and some other musicians to check out in the next month or so and see what happens. 

If you want to check out my profile, take a peep HERE

The plan is to finish up most of the tracks here this month, then hopeuflly head to HoundSound in good ol Cleveland OH the beginning of March to see my dear friend and see what can get done. 

Of course I am still looking for people the "old fashioned way" so if you are interested contact me here or e-mail me directly at 

If you are also interested in what I'm thinking of covering and are one of those Spotify people, I made a playlist to send to potential band mates. Take a listen and let me know what you think by clicking the pic below. 

Hmmmm half of these vocalists are female. Are you trying to tell us something? 

Hmmmm half of these vocalists are female. Are you trying to tell us something? 



Finally got the chance this weekend to head down to the "Retro Basement", plug in the old Flying V and just jam. Seems like I never have the chance anymore since I don't have a band and scheduled practice days to just sit with my instruments, plug in, make some noise and be creative but this weekend I said "Fuck it, I NEED to get this out". Sure I'll admidt with GarageBand it's easy to sit on your IPad, record some loops and play parts by swiping strings on a screen for a chord or two, but it's not me. It's not the way I've always done music where you get in a room, plug in and play your instrument. 

But after jamming for awhile I think I got 4-5 riffs that I think I can really do something with. I hit record on the GB and even though you can hear screeching from the girls in some in the background I got some riffs for song ideas like "Spit" (a real AC/DC kind of rock song I wanted to do), the album title track and more! Now time to pick the songs, arrange some other ideas and start recording them properly next week. Plan is to record as much as I can here, then hopefully head to my pal Darrell's house at HoundSound in Ohio to mix, master and maybe do some drums/vocals there. Part of me wants to do it all on my own here, but It's also an excuse to see my old friend. 

Speaking of which, I STILL NEED A BAND! I even went as far as putting up a profile on to see if I can drum up (pun intended) some interested people. I'm still working on it, I feel like I'm putting up a dating site profile (which honestly feels gross) but I'll see what becomes of it. You can peep it HERE if you want. 

If ANYONE is interested in performing live with me contact me here on the CONTACT page on the site, or e-mail me directly at and we can talk. My plan is to play songs from HEAL (of course), the singles from last year, even some of the "greatest hits" from Brady Bastards, Dalliance along with some covers. It would be fun to do original shows, or even get to the point where we are playing a 
"cover band set" of 30+ cover songs I have in mind along with some originals peppered in to draw interest like we used to do in the olllll Styrus days.    

Come to the Retro Basement...we have Justin and Twister! Just breathe into this rag for a minute...are you about a size 14? 

Come to the Retro Basement...we have Justin and Twister! Just breathe into this rag for a minute...are you about a size 14? 


MY FIRST INTERVIEW! Just recorded an episode this weekend on the No Easy Answers Podcast with my good friend and past bandmate Barry Mangione. We had a great time chatting at his home I got to try the Bulletproof Coffee he's always been raving about (tasted great, but not a great idea to try before putting a mic in front of me I blabbed and blabbed, no suprise there) and we talked all about this site, the journey to HEAL, music, crocs, Saxon and more! Please check out his site at to listen to the show, or look for "No Easy Answers" on I-Tunes or Sticher. Check out his book, music and much more!


Welcome to my NEW website! Here is where I will be blogging about the process of recording my new album HEAL, along with anything else that pops into my mind while I'm recording it.

First, THANK YOU ALL for checking out my past releases on my Bandcamp page ( and spreading the word. Your kind words, encouragement and support on those tracks has given me the confidence to keep going and taking this to the next level. If you check out the music button above, you can hear those 4 songs, along with another one called The Gift that has never been released yet and is for this site only! 

There was a plan to record and release a "concept record" which has a more country/acoustic guitar vibe to it called Cigarettes and Sorrow this Winter, but I recently decided to go full steam ahead into HEAL instead so I can get it out by the end of Spring so I can tour it this Summer. Cigs and Sorrow might see the light of day still, the songs and story are written but trust me there's A LOT more than just recording the songs that would have to be done in order for me to do with it what I really want. Trust me, when it does come out either people will think it's genius or they are gonna want me to be committed. Maybe both :) 

But the reason for the jump back to straight on solo release? I need help I'm dying....

The past 2 years, once I started working a lot at my day job I've really let myself go physically. I was never a specimen of healthy living I smoke, I drink gallons of coffee, I don't eat a single thing green, I like to partake in the alcohol when I can partake and I noticed it has really started to take it's toll on me. I gained A LOT of weight, my body hurts daily just getting out of a chair and I'm exausted all the time. I wanted to really get out there and perform live again but the thought of me getting up there and doing the show I really want to do if I had to do it right now?...there's no way I could and that scares me. 

So....this album is going to be more than just a bunch of random songs, it's gonna be a journal. During the process of writing and recording I'll also be documenting my process of healing my body and mind too and the songs will be reflecting that process. Don't worry I'm not writing Tommy or The Wall (or even Abigail for you wacky Satanists) but I'm really going to drift away from the "woe is me, boo hoo" lyrics and concentrate on 100% positive material for this one. Don't get me wrong I love a sad or angry song (come on I was in The Dalliance remember? ha!) but just like REM I like a "Shiny Happy People" just as much as a "Country Feedback". As a matter of fact, Shiny has been popping up on a lot lately in my car (it's in my kids' Spotify playlist) and I've been thinking "man, I wonder if I can write this happy?" If you haven't listened to that song recently, give it another spin I didn't for awhile and forgot how good that song was and how well written it is. I think it just got overplayed for me at the time. 

So I got a fridge full of fruits and veggie drinks, I'm ditching the junk and going on a hardcore no sugar, no carb, high protien diet with an exercize program 5 days a week. This will help me not only physicaly, but recording this will motivate me to get better, hold me accountable for my actions by putting it on Front Street to all of you and give me a new challenge to focus on artistically. 

I hope you will join me on this journey and hopefully once I finally get this band thing together, by the time the album is released and you see me on stage you won't recognize me.