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meet the critically ashamed... 

Top Left: You all know who that clown is...just read my blog above and below to know more! 

Top Right:  Shawn Finney - Bass Guitar and backing vocals: Besides being a friend of mine for almost (gasp) 30 years playing in numerous projects with me during that time, Shawn is an acomplished film composer lending his talents to a number of independent films such as "Saving Star Wars" and "Open Micr's" to name a few. You can check out his website HERE to learn more. It was after meeting Shawn back in the late 80's when I joined his band he was the first one to put a microphone in front of me saying "go ahead I've heard you sing, you can do background" so you can blame him for a lot of this. Shawn can pick up any stringed instrument and melt your face playing it, but he chooses the bass for this band and being a bass player myself there's nobody I would rather see playing those parts than him. Not by blood, but one of the very few I would call brother. 

Lower Left: Victor Dusovic - Percussion: A fellow Mahopac native, Vic was one of the first people to reply to my ad searching for musicians and has been the "cheerleader" for the band since the beginning. One of the nicest guys you will ever meet, his martini fuled beats and drumming style that jumps from Jazz to straight ahead rock is what gives the songs a unique, different sound when we perform live. I know when I turn around and look over he is going to have a smile on his face when he is playing.  No brooding, sulking shoe gazing members in this band, espeically with Vic and that's the way we roll! 

Lower Right: Helene Logan - Lead guitar and backing vocals:  Another happy, energetic addition to the band I found looking for musicians on the same site I found Vic. I like to describe Helene to people when they ask about my bandmates: "She's like a female Keith Richads without the horrible opiate dependency".  Awesome stage presence, style and can shred on the guitar! Helene is definitely the one when you see us live makes the biggest impression. So many times I hear after we get off the stage "I hear this loud ripping guitar...I look up and see it's a girl!"  I'll do the Pepsi challenge with Helene against any male, female, manatee, whatever and she will win hands down