Want to get a ticket to one of our upcoming shows without having the hassle of paying fees, waiting by your mailbox and all of that jazz? well then order your tickets directly from us and show your support to the band!

please fill out this form with all of the required fields and we will get back to you asap with information on how you can pick up your ticket from us. we can send you to where to pay online, or even better by filling this out we will save you one and have it as a “will call” where you can pick up and pay us at the event!

most venues we play require us to sell a certain amount of tickets or let them know how many are coming ahead of time, so doing it this way helps not only us with the venue, but this also saves you time and hassle!

please serious inquiries only! if you order and reserve, we are counting on you to actually show up and pay up!

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