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Hope everyone is having (or had actually) a wonderful summer! We are slowly starting to wind down the warm weather and soon we will be seeing leaves fall and everything pumpkin in a few months. Fall is my favorite and can't wait.

Now I know this is my "HEAL blog" technically but wanted to post an entry this weekend that is more on the music front since to be honest, it's way easier to post as a blog than add to my website pages since this is an app 😛 

If you go to my music news page while you are on here you can read a post I did on Friday and I even added a page for our upcoming gig schedules! 

Since we are on the HEAL blog just a quick update still on the program, keeping the weight off and feeling good! Just recently I went down to a size 34 jeans which is insane to me. I haven't been that size since back in college! I've been bouncing around these days around 225-235lbs depending on the week. Good weeks I'm down, but some weeks since vacation it goes up but not letting it discourage me. I want to be under 200lbs by the end of the year and I'm gonna do it dammit! 

I've even ventured into drinking different veggie drinks like beet juice and recently added cauliflower to my veggie intake. Mashed has taken the place of potatoes and last night my best friend made cauliflower "hot wings" that were incredible! 

Unfortunately I gave up on the yoga this year but I hope to start it up again soon because I did enjoy it. My body tends to feel stiff at times and I know it's because I'm not doing that stretching.  

This shirt I remember stretching it with my knees to give it more room.  

This shirt I remember stretching it with my knees to give it more room.  

But anyway, enough about that lets get to the reason I'm posting this...we have gigs coming up! 

After months and months of trying to rehearse, searching for a bass player and me working on new songs for another album we finally got our act together and we have a few shows coming up this Fall!

September we will be in Mahopac at The Frieght House and October we will be in Stamford at the Seaside Tavern and am really looking forward to getting back out there again and playing gigs. Shawn sounds great on the bass and we've  developed a nice solid set with songs from HEAL, a few from the new album I'm working on Elephants Bury Their Dead and even a few covers and prior band classics. I have a really killer band behind me helping me fulfill my musical dreams and I'm really  looking forward to having people see us play.

Man I still love making flyers. Used to be my thing back in the day when it was just scissors, paste and Xerox machines  

Man I still love making flyers. Used to be my thing back in the day when it was just scissors, paste and Xerox machines  


But I can really use your help too!  

Besides the 5 of us doing our own thing musically and getting the show together I've found with my busy schedule it's been difficult to find the time to search for these gigs, get what we need and once said gigs are booked and in place, it would be really cool to have outside people help us out and be in our corner to have the shows be the most professional and best they can be. To be completly honest I worked way too hard on HEAL, this band and the music and I don't want the live shows and the band itself coming off as unprofessional and half assed. 

Thats where you come in 😉 

If you plan on coming to the shows already (which I hope everyone and their brother does so far the response on the two gigs have been very positive) why not be in our corner, help us out and make us look more professional in the process? Some of the things I'm thinking of that would help the shows be more of a success would be the following:

1) Crew/Techs: I hate the term "roadie", but someone who can help with sound, setting up the gear, checking mics, amps, guitars and making sure out stuff is taken care of and in place before we play. We are not gonna sit on our asses, drink, point and laugh at you we can carry out own equipment but to me it helps a lot (and to be honest looks more professional) if there are other people besides the band members setting up and not having to worry about anything except putting on a killer show would be key.

For example I just sing now but I play my keys on a few so even to have someone make sure that the keys work, the extra "backup iPhone" is charged and the second mic works would be a godsend. Something goes wrong to have a hand there switching a guitar or grabbing a fallen stand too would look so much better than the band member fumbling around like an ass onstage. 

Stillwater mannnnnn

Stillwater mannnnnn

2) Merch person: oh yes maybe not for Sept but besides the HEAL cassettes I'll have on sale at shows I'm looking at other merch like shirts, stickers, buttons and other swag to peddle at each show. Instead of someone trying to find one of us, asking and us having to dig through bags to find shit to have someone there at a display of sorts helping people, taking the cash/transactions and getting people on the mailing list would be amazing. I'm even looking into getting a square to take credit cards 👍


I know it sounds sexist, but if you are an attractive girl you will go far at the merch table  

I know it sounds sexist, but if you are an attractive girl you will go far at the merch table  

3) manager/agent and overall "muscle": Now this would not be needed at all of the  shows, however there are times where we might need someone to "work the door" and negotiate things on behalf of the band that is more or a 3rd party.

I've realized in the decades of doing this that when you are the "artist" you tend to just bend and give in when the club/venue/promoter of a show tries shenanigans because you want to be a "good boy" and not cause friction. Countless times the past few years I've been faced with after we are booked for say 9pm having a club owner come to me and say "hey, can you play last instead at 1am?" Or "Don't worry we have someone at the door" when you have a door deal and at the end of the night after you pack a place they hand you $20 and say "well it was a slow night".

When you are "the artist" it's tough to be demanding because you don't wanna make waves and be nice because you don't want a rep of being "difficult" (plus I'll admit it, I'm kind of a pushover).However, you don't want to be taken advantage of. To have someone close by my side, fighting for me and the band regarding business affairs with these people would help me a great deal so when places start their shit I can say "talk to him" and that person can fight, be aggressive and get us what we deserve. 

To make a long story short...I need my own personal "band asshole" 😛 



Hmmmm I wonder if Les is available? 🤔

Now I know what you are probably saying to yourself right now "what's in it for me tubby?"  

Well besides myself and the band's undying love and affection for the end of eternity don't think you I would let you go away empty handed. Membership of course has its privileges 😉 here's what we can offer:

1) FREE admission to the show. You'd be coming with me and the gang early so don't think about paying to get in if there is a cover charge of some sort. 

2) Drinks are on the band (well me) You work for and with the band, you drink what you want. There will be a tab and you will drink from said tab the whole night. I ain't gonna be drinking anyway so why not drink my old share?

All I ask is that you don't get hammered, stumbling and belligerent you are representing myself and the band. A ride will be provided so you don't have to worry about that but play it cool hotshot.

3) Swag! Yep that's right you will be provided with of course free merch that I sell along with your own fancy "crew" shirt if you want to wear for the night. If you don't want to wear that night ok maybe a pass, lamenent or something I make I just want people to know that you are with the band and working with us at gigs. Looks professional and if people have questions or need something we can say "talk to the person with the...(insert shirt or lamenent thingy here).  

4) cold hard cash 💰💰💰  Now this depends on what role you take on. You're not gonna be rich and quit your job (I'm sure as hell not) but you will definitely be walking away with some sheckles in your pocket. It would break down as such:

Merch person: 10% of your transactions. We sell $50 worth of stuff, you make $5.  

Crew and techs: 10% of whatever the band makes at the door. Now most times I'm sure we won't make any guarantee money (hey talk to manager about that) so take out your frustrations on the bar tab then. Otherwise the band makes $100 each person makes $5  

Manager/booking/muscle: standard agency of 15% of TOTAL revenue generated at the event. So we make $100 guarantee for the show, $50 on merch table you get $22. Oh and have a go on the bar tab.  

So you think it's a big money maker being a musician? Let's do the math shall we?  

We make $200 for the night in total. $100 at the door and $100 at the merch (man that merch girl killed it!) 

merch - $10 

crew: say 2 people? $10 each -$20  

manager/agent: - $30  

$130 left divided by 5 band members? $26 each  

that's not counting the bar tab, please be gentle on us 😛  maybe that manager of ours can work that into the deal. 


So doing it this way, not only are we looking professional and having a good time by being a part of the team everyone is making an equal amount for their efforts. You don't have to commit to every single show we do, but if you are gonna go anyway why not take advantage and help right?

You will be notified when gigs are booked and you tell us if you wanna be included and what you want to do. Manager/agent will have to pretty much be a constant at every show, but if you can't make it and you secure the show be prepared to get a call and "do your thang" 

if you made it this far in reading this manefesto congrats! If you want to be a part of this for our upcoming shows please comment on the social media post or feel free to contact me directly here or at and we can discuss. 

See you on the road and much love, 





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