Music update and plans!

Howdy Ho!  

It's weekend time again! Sitting on the deck trying to get those last few weekends before the dreaded cold. Fall is my favorite time of sweatshirts, leaves and pumpkin everything but the bad thing is it leads to my least favorite season of all...Winter. 

So as you all know, after many months my debut solo album HEAL has been released online digitally for over 2 weeks now via BandCamp! It feels good to have it finally out for people to check out and once again thank you to everyone who has listened or purchased on BandCamp and have placed their orders for the cassette version! It's been really neat  to see little notifications on my phone saying "you got an order" here and there. Looks like people are are listening which is nice to see.  

Deposit for the cassettes have been placed and any day now I'll have  a sample copy to approve so once I get and I approve, they press the rest so to all of the people who pre-ordered thanks for being patient they are on their way!

I can't wait to see it and for you all to get trust me, I didn't skimp on the pressing we are talking red casette with the tracks printed on them, two fold color layout, clear case, shrink wrapped, UPC, the whole nine. Plus you should have gotten the code to download the streaming for free so any issues email me back. I will definitely post pics of the sample copy when it comes in. 

Sample of some of their work. 

Sample of some of their work. 

Now I know BandCamp isn't really iPhone friendly, but they do have a free app where all purchases/downloads you make you can play it on your iPhone. I use it and it looks and plays great so if you purchased check it out. You can also review on there so please do. If you would rather have the MP3 I can send to you.  

Works like a charm plus I get to listen to all of the other ones I've purchased like Moonlight Inititave, Anthony Cardno and others!  

Works like a charm plus I get to listen to all of the other ones I've purchased like Moonlight Inititave, Anthony Cardno and others!  


For the rest of you, the album will be available on all of the major platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and more on Sept 25th so if that's easier for you please grab it there! I hoping once it's there more people will pick it up. Once it's up I ask you all to please take a moment and review. When I start this next phase of promotion the more reviews that are there will help me! 

Which brings me to the issue "Ok it's finally done and out there, what now?"  

This has always plagued myself and other projects I have done in the past. You put your heart and soul into recording music, you spend the money, you put it out, people are receptive for a week or so then it dies out quick. I'm guilty of it too we live in such a world now of constant attacks of info so you see something, go "oh neat" and you keep scrolling. To me there's always a fine line of bombarding people with things over and over, but if you don't people forget quickly and to be 100% honest it would really be a shame if like with other releases I've done it just dies on the vine. 

I have been having fun though putting a song out a week on YouTube while doing a "Behind The Heal" which tells you a little bit about the song, what it's about and how it came about.  I won't do it on all of them, so if there's one you're interested in hearing the story behind it let me know. 

So now it's time to start booking gigs! The past few months I've been working with some very cool musicians (affectionately called The Critically Ashamed Band my own E Street 😛) trying to craft a set for the release. We still are looking for a few more people to join like a bassist and keys so if you are interested let me know! I've been singing and playing bass, then when I switch to keys I've been handing it to my boy Pete but I really would prefer to have a full time bass player because I want to concentrate on just singing and being a frontman without jumping all over switching instruments. The two guitar attack is perfect haven't had that in ages and since there's so much keyboards/piano on this album it would be nice to have the piano, with another doing the other synth and other sounds to fill it out



So the plan is to start booking shows starting in October-November and to try and do a few before the holidays. Once the dreaded Winter comes nothing sucks more than playing shows in the snow but I missed that window unfortunately getting the band/album done but we will get some in. If you know of a place or city you want us to come to once again contact me! We will play anywhere as long as it makes sense. My days of playing gigs at 1am on a Tuesday in Jersey are long gone 😜

The official release parties im thinking of more of a rented space where we can do our set, while having other local  "vendors" present that can promote their HEAL like services wether it's books, self help, fitness, yoga, art, good food/juices I think would be fun. Other musicians also welcome too I'm so tired of this "look out for themselves" mentality time to get a thing going! Hoping to start this very soon.

So be on the lookout moving forward for upcoming info on the music. I hope to have some gigs, interviews, news, etc. to share. Please if you have any ideas or suggestions feel free to contact me anytime on social media, here or at I'm looking for it all more musicians, gigs, management, promotional vehicles whatever you got. 

Not to worry, I am still going strong on the HEAL I am determined to hit that under 200 goal by 2016 but right now it will probably be more about music than health updates. I am the thinnest and healthiest I've felt in years with music that I am super passionate about so I am looking forward to getting out there again focused, sober, energetic and hopefully wearing "the jacket" when I dig it out for the Fall 😉 






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