Pencil me in for my health

Hello all, 

To quote the great Boy George "Time won't give me time" 

This week I realized one of the biggest obstacles when trying to follow the path of healthy living, is just finding the time to do what you have to do and get it all done. Once I got back from my trip and got back to "the real world" of everyday life, work and parenthood thankfully I didn't just throw in the towel like I normally do when my schedule goes off kilter. I went right back to my life of entering meals in my app, counting my calories and going down the retro basement to do my DDP Yoga. The cats I think enjoy watching me for some reason I caught Coley (the eldest black child) sitting across the room staring at me as I'm doing my cat lifts and arches probably wondering what the hell I'm doing. I picture his voice being an almost Frasier like tone "Heyyy..what's the big idea? Why are you imitating me fat boy?" 

Hey daddy...I can see your dime slot while you downward dog 

But let me tell you, To this day, It's still tough getting up at 6am in the morning to walk down to the basement and do it. For me, I always equate doing any type of exercise as the same feeling as when you have to puke. It really sucks to do it, you'll probably sweat up a storm and it might hurt a bit, but you feel soooooo much better once you do it. Once that alarm goes off I get the almost dread feeling in my body and I shuffle down slowly, but by the time I take that last breath at the end, covered in perspiration I'm jumping up the stairs skipping a step or two and I'm feeling energized and ready to tackle the day ahead of me. 

However, It's so easy to get distracted by other daily obstacles and jobs and put these healthly things aside as an excuse. 

Mornings for me and I'm sure for all parents can be a busy and stressful time. The schedule I try to keep consists of the following: 

6AM: Alarm starts buzzing in my ear and the Sophie's Choice of either swipe or press the I-Phone occurs I would say once or twice. 

6:30AM: I finally crawl out of bed, debate grabbing an iced coffee, water bottle or both, walk down the basement in my pajamas and hit play on the Blue Ray to "Hulk it Out" with DDP and the boys. 

7AM: Finish workout, come upstairs and wake the ladies with sweaty smooches while wife starts her shower, gets dressed and picks out outfits for said minions. 

7AM: Provide request for "Chocky", make breakfast, pack lunches and stuff in backpacks while slamming an enormous iced coffee. Most times I will have to go back into Zoey's room, flick the lights and possibly throw stuffed animals at her to get her out of bed. Last resort will be the threat of flatulence, which can prove to be worse than waterboarding to a now 9 year old. 

7:30AM: Wife emerges fully dressed and showered with outfits for said children. Clean up the half eaten breakfast that they either changed their mind either half way through eating or decided that the "stack of jacks" looks weird. Make sure that the outfits chosen do not cause a prison riot  on their poor mother, warn children that they better be dressed and that their hair doesn't look like they brushed it with a fork when I emerge, then take my turn showering and getting dressed. Iced coffee stll cluched in my hand like Bob Dole's pencil.

Bob Dole was promised a 30 day supply of boner pills! Don't make Bob Dole stab your jugular with this Bic! 

Bob Dole was promised a 30 day supply of boner pills! Don't make Bob Dole stab your jugular with this Bic! 


8AM: Emerge from bedroom fully dressed and showered. Make sure children have socks, shoes, teeth brushed, coats on, backpacks on their backs, kiss all ladies, look at the Keurig and debate whether another iced coffee is needed or if I need to stop on the commute because I need gas, smokes or a "road breakfast" of Green Machine, raw nuts, etc., jump in the car and start the 90 minute commute. 

Mission accomplished! 


Sometimes just taking one of these things out of your morning can feel like taking a mini vacation on a beach for your brain and guess what one is the easiest to remove? Just as busy as you feel your schedule can be, your children's can be just as crazy if not more and that can throw your routine into a tailspin. I love that both of my girls are so active with dance class, chorus, girl scouts, etc. though. I'm looking forward to the warmer weather when they start softball and cheerleading so I can sit in the lawn chair and watch my ladies do their thang. 

However, I've noticed lately that my own schedule is being sacrificed beacuse of these activities and when faced with either hurling in a toilet or taking a Zantac...sure is easy to take that pill isn't it? My MWF 6am schedule has been thrown off this week due to other conflicting activities and events and after a few days off the routine when on vacation, I'll be honest the thought of using those DDP Yoga DVD's as coasters was awfully tempting. But you know what? 

I changed my schedule instead...making my health the priority. 

As important as making breakfast, brushing teeth and showering so you don't offend your classmates and co-workers so is my health. All of the things you do and sacrifice to make things eaiser on yourself and others is not going to matter in the end if I'm 6 feet under. You don't have to be a dick and be selfish, you just have to compromise and make sure you make it work and fit it in along with all the other things in your life. 

The thing that really made me not give up this week? ALL OF YOU. I have been receiving messages from people either on social media or privately in an e-mail telling me they have been reading, following along, sharing their own stories and how it's been inspiring them to try and do the same. To hear that someone has bought DDP Yoga, or started thinking about getting healthier because of reading this blog makes me feel so happy and flattered.

Honestly, I didn't start this webiste and album to preach. I've always said when asked about the lyrics I've wrtten in the past for other projects "write what you know". This is where I wanted to go, how I was feeling and I felt this would be the perfect way for me to hold myself accountable week to week, document my progress and show people you can go from being overweight, feeling like garbage and stuck to feeling better little by little. If you get something out of it, that makes it even a better experience.

If you feel the same way I was feeling, YOU CAN DO IT TOO.  Trust me, If I can do it anyone can and you don't have to eat a stalk of celery in a corner and cry while doing it. 

I've still got a long way to go, I've had my struggles but my new phrase I keep saying to myself is "onward and upward" 




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