Spring Cleaning

Hello all! 

So maybe some of you were wondering "Oh no, Gregry missed a week! He must be sitting somewhere in an alley, passed out with a tub of ice cream on his chest wallowing in his own filth!" 

Nah....was just busy 

This is my new thing, whenever I visit a city I like to purchase the baseball team of where I was. I just love baseball caps lately. Only one I can't do is Boston, sorry I love ya but my Yankee pinstripe blood won't allow it. 

Last weekend I finally got to take a few days off for myself to visit my dear old friend Darrell and his new family for some catching up, relaxing and of course...recording. The past few months for me have been running, running, running and I knew that If I didn't get a little time for myself and get away from the chaos of work and normal everyday life..it would of gotten messy. 

So,  after a slight delay (booked a flight on a Thursday night, but after waking up to yet another day of dumping snow and seeing that a plane crashed into a fence while landing at the airport I was going to, I quickly switched flight to early Friday) I was off for a few days . Now normally when people go on a vacation, you tend to go "fuck it, I'm gonna eat and drink whatever I want!" but I could tell this new found lifestyle is working for me when while sitting across from a crowded Dunkin Donuts in an even more crowded airport I sat quietly and ate a delicious blueberry yogurt with granola staring at the microwaved eggs on bagels and thinking to myself "ew...I totally would of shoved that in my face before" 

Even while I was there I didn't go wild. It was very sweet both of my hosts were very graceous and were always pointing out the healthier alternatives of where we were eating. I have to say Cleveland is a very happening city with great places for food and music! All of the places we went to eat were phenonomal. There's no heading out to an Applebees for some deep fried horse shit, we went to some amazing local restaurants. First night we had like a family style serving of pork, cheeses, lamb ribs and other meats that we all picked on that were out of this world! I even got to experience their famous "Sunday Brunch" that pretty much kept me full and energized for most of the day. 

Got to see Juliana Hatfield Three at The Music Box! Band sounded awesome but wow Juliana was hammered. She didn't miss a beat though you could only tell when she spoke between songs. 

Only thing that confused me there and was my big treat was the craft beer. Every bar or restaurant you go to there comes with a large list or blackboard full of what it seems like hundreds of craft beers with %'s of BAC and names I didn't regognize. It's not like you can walk in and say "Give me a Bud" at these places. I mean you probably could but they would stare at you like you just cut a loud fart. Luckily my good friend of almost 30 years knows me very well and was able to recommend ones that I would enjoy and I did enjoy each one he picked. 

Now another thing I noticed about myself on this trip. In the past If I had a free few days I would of stocked up a mountain of cheap beers, kicked them all back and got hammmmmered while shoving tons of bad food in my face, but It wasn't like that at all for me this time. Sure, I threw back a few while out and about and when we were recording but this time it was enjoying nice beers, slowly and having great convos with great company. Considering there were three nights to partake to whatever capacity I wanted to I woke up every morning feeling awesome. No sick, pukey feeling hangovers at all. It was a wonderful time and it was so nice to hang out and make music again with an old, dear friend. 

Not only did I see my old friend Darrell and got to pet the Biscut this old friend showed up! This was sent to Barry in a text immediately with no words...just this pic. $8 seat for eva! 

After checking myself in to a hotel close to the airport on the last day in Akron I had a well rested last night alone (which anyone who has young children knows to get a nice room with uniterupted sleep for one night to yourself can be a vacation no matter where you are) and it was time to head back to my life in CT. By the time I got home and settled back into the "real world" something amazing happened that I haven't felt in what seemed like forever. 

I felt calm....

I took an extra day so I could spend it at home, catch up with my girls after being away when they got out of school and not rush back after a day of travel. By the time I went back to the office I could feel myself not being tense, stressed, worried, full of anxiety like I was before for so many months. It was like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders and I feel like I can tackle anything that comes at me with almost a calm, cool swagger now. I got my mojo back. 

So much so that when I got home and had the last day home to myself I grabbed the hair clippers and gave myself a bit of "Spring Cleaning" Off came the heavy, barbed wirey beard and scruffy hair and as the hair dropped into the sink I could feel the weight fall off my body as well as my soul. It was like I was peeling off the last bits of the old me and a new me emerged and It felt wonderful. 

Sure, some craft beers were ingested, a tater tot or a chip was snuck and travelling made me miss a full week of DDP, but you know what? I'm ready to run back down there Monday and keep going. 

30 pounds down and I'm psyched to share my new self and the music I'm creating with anyone who is in ear shot. 

To quote the now Mina Caputo and LOA "Shed my skin and start again.." 


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