Cheat Day Coma

Well, another month has passed and yet another weekend where I am looking out the window at more friggin snow falling from the sky. I know, I know it's winter but I am looking forward to sweatshirts and seeing green grass. 

But don't worry, I'm not going to write and complain about weather..this isn't Facebook 

Spent the week doing another MWF of Yoga. I have to admit it's been tough getting up at 6am, walking down the basement and doing the program but as sore as I might have been and as hard as it is sometimes go get up after I do it I feel sooooo much better. It's been only two weeks but I can already feel myself getting more flexible, it's been easier to do the moves and it's nice to have a little sweat on my brow early in the morning while doing my usual "getting ready morning routine". I'm up and about before everyone and it feels good. 

However, it was a rough and stressful week in the office and by the time the weekend rolled around I was almost like a zombie. After a week of 12 hour days, scrambling, commuting and making plans for next week (check out the music news for that stuff) I was done. I got up early on Saturday and headed back in the car once again to take my girls to dance class. 

Now don't get me wrong, there's nothing better than seeing your two daughters squeeze into their little dance outfits like little snausages, get in a room and do a thing that they love. However, my little rant for the week: Why don't any of these places have decent waiting rooms for parents? 

I'm not looking for a mini-bar, fireplace and ambience but I dunno a comfortable chair would be nice?? Every Saturday from 11-12:30pm is spent jammed in a hallway with the other House Fraus (and for some reason half their immediate families) with their other kids, staring at electronics, gabbing with one long wooden bench with cubbies for people to sit on together like we are on the bus. All I want to do is read my phone and catch my girls doing their thing but last week some little boy stepped on my foot about 10 times and tried to offer me his half eaten cheese stick. I love children, all kinds but I kept seeing the headline frustrated father with Ramones shirt and leather jacket plants 10 1/2 sneaker into toddler 

However, one of my favorite activities I mentioned in another entry on Saturday afternoon is "Daddy Lunch Date". We pack up and dad with his sore ass from sitting on a wooden plank takes his lovely ladies to the eatery of their choice. Anywhere they want to go. This weekend they requested Friendly's, which was fine by me.

2 months of good eating, starting my yoga and being 25 lbs lighter I looked through the menu this week and after scanning through the junk upon junk I decided to myself "fuck it, just order what you want today. You had a rough week and you've been doing great. Treat yourself fatty". I ended up ordering some buffalo shrimp, which came with a side of fries and who doesn't get the "happy ending sundae" at the end right? I sat with my loves, we goofed around, enjoyed our meal and each other then headed back home for the afternoon. I was suprised I didn't feel guilty, didn't have trouble eating fries after 2 months of being bread free, but I did feel a little nauseous on the ride home.

1,800 calories later in one meal....I got home and crashed....hard

I don't kmow if it was the meal, the long week or both but I lost all of my energy. I plopped down on the couch and by around 6pm I passed out. No kissing my girls and putting them to bed, no House of Cards (dammit I'm only 2 episodes in!), no late night relaxing I was out. That was the only meal I had for the day because I couldn't think of putting anything else in my body. I consumed all of the calories I normally have in a day through multiple meals and snacks all in one shot and then some....I felt horrible. 

But I didn't get upset, didn't lose my focus and decide to give it all up. It just gave me a confirmation that I am not that guy anymore and it actually felt great. That meal I had on a Saturday was something I would do on the regular a few months ago. That would have been just a regular lunch with a Sausage Egg and Cheese before it for breakfast, a few slices of pizza for dinner and a pint of Ben and Jerry's when the kids went to bed. I can't imagine how many calories my "normal eating" was back then. 

 13 hours of sleep, back on the trail and back in the basement with the wrestler on Monday 


Sknit Sknit! You can't stop the kiddddd!

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