Waking up with a wrestler

Well after the past few weeks of saying that I was gonna start, ordering it, looking at his mug on front of the DVD's and making excuses, I finally started getting up at 6am, trugging down to the "retro basement" and began my DDP Yoga. 

One word.... WOW 

There have been many, many times throughout my life where I've "dabbled" in exercize. I think it started way back when I was in college, taking the "weight room" classes just for the gym credit.Then I remember getting out of college, moving in with my best friend and getting a membership to a local gym. That was a lot of fun to go with someone, get on a treadmill for an hour or do the weight training machines, shoot the shit, take a shower, maybe a quick steam before showe and head out for the night. I remember back then getting under 200 lbs, feeling really great about myself and I looked gooooood. 

But of course as time goes by you get busy, schedules get thrown off and the next thing you know you are paying a monthly fee for a place you rarely ever see. Plus I don't know what it is, I've never liked the whole "locker room" situation of a gym. All I want to do is change, get into my sweats and get moving or when I am done hit the showers or a steam and wind down. I could never understand the whole social, walking around buck naked chatting with a bunch of other dudes. Maybe because I've never been comfortable with my own nakedness around others because of my weight. It's never been a "homophobe" thing either even though I am as straight as an arrow I can appreciate a good body male or female as a work of art. It's like when I would see an actor with a flat chest and abs of steel or those dancers on shows like "So you Think you Can  Dance" I almost want to poke at "the v" and go "wow, how do you do that?" 

Some though I noticed no matter what their shape and umm....size was they would hold conversations with their friends with their "Oscar Gamble grey hair" pubic haircut and their towel over their shoulder with their mushroom cap out in the open. One of the funniest memories was when my bestie and I would sit in the room for a steam. I got my towel wrapped around me tight holding on for dear life but one paton who would always walk around and come in who we affectionately called "Horse Penis". This dude was as thin as a rail, but the damn thing looked like a tree trunk. We would giggle like 3rd graders, practically staring and making "horse noises" at each other or maybe throw in a "Wilburrrr". I guess if you got it, flaunt it....

But enough about anatomy...focus Gregry....

Hey buddy...you got an extra towel? 



After those days like I said there have always been months of on and off exercize spurts in my life. Buying treadmills for apartments that would become coatracks, more monthly memberships that went away or other VHS programs that came and went. I even did P90 before it was P90X (which really did work and Tony looks great but come on, the dude has had face work right?). Last attempt of working out was over 3 years ago when I was working from home. I got a local membership, I would go at like 1pm during the week and It was great cause it was practically empty. However, once I went "full time" at the job and the dreaded 90 min commute started that went away quick. The thought of leaving the house earlier and go through all that or getting home even later than I do now or going back out late at night just made me nauseous. That was always my excuse...

But now that I have started trying to get healthy and have been feeling great, I knew it was time to step it up a bit more. Like I've mentioned in past entries, I kind of got in this rut the past two weeks where I was feeling like what I was doing wasn't enough and not seeing results quicker so I wanted to try getting more active now that the diet has giving me some more energy. I didn't want to go full blown diet and exercize all at once and burn out, I wanted to get the diet in check first.  

DDP was kind of "after my time" in the wrestling world for me I was more of the 80's wrestling fan back when they were WWF. I knew of him, but I was more in tune with the Andre The Giant, Roddy Piper and Papa Shango era. Even Stone Cold was after my time of fandom.  However, he was a guest on a podcast show I listen to on the commute and I think the whole wrestler life is facinating to me, so I gave it a listen. The guy was very interesting and he was talking about after he was having a lot of problems with his body from getting whacked around the ring for decades, he was reluctlanty convinced to try Yoga. After he had amazing results, he came up with his own program and was pimping it on the show. Maybe he caught me at the right time or frame of mind (this was months before I even decided to #HEAL) but after doing a simple hand move he explained literally in traffic while listening and feeling a burn instantly I thought "wow, this sounds neat I always wanted to try yoga". Then when I decided to do this and was thinking about how I would approach working out, he popped into my head and thought to myself "What the hell? What's another workout DVD to add to my failed collection?"  


Does Adrian Adonis have a workout video? Was this man even a Adonis? 

Does Adrian Adonis have a workout video? Was this man even a Adonis? 



So I moved the old flatscreen down to the basement, hooked up the Blue Ray, woke up at 6am last Monday, took a deep breath and hit play. First program I was supposed to do was the "Diamond Dozen" (I thought, "ughhh..is it?...you're calling it the Diamond Dozen you cornball?") which basically shows you the moves that you will be doing in the other workouts. 

The instant I started doing these practically simple, low impact poses I could really feel it! I wasn't sweating or jumping around like an asshole but I could feel the burn instantly and my heart rate increased. No dumbells, no yelling goofy phrases (OK one move he does yell to "Hulk it out"....boooo), no dancing around in short shorts to the oldies I felt stretched out, energized and almost relaxed at the same time. I raced up the steps at 7am,  did my morning rituals of making breakfasts, packing lunches, hitting the showers and jumping in the car and I was hopped up all day. 

Now it's only been a week and after the MWF routine of learing the moves on M-W and then doing the first "routine" on Friday (which kicked my ass but felt awesome) but I'm excited to keep going. I'll admit I'm still a bit sore typing this but it's a good sore.

If you get a chance, check it out or type #DDPYoga on places like Instagram or Facebook and look at what these people are doing. You see out of shape, overweight punks like me getting to the point where they are doing headstands, pulling their legs up to their heads and looking great. These are not ads either, I am always skeptical at the "success stories" on the actual product's sites but these are everyday people just hashtagging their workouts and It's pretty wild. 


In just one week, it got me over the hump I'm down another 5 lbs and all I did was do a few stretches with a wrestler. 

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