Snodeos, Football and Kale

So another week has passed and a month of riding the HEAL train has gone by and so far things have been going along swimingly...

I feel now like I'm finally in the groove of my new healthier lifestyle and not looking back. The past few weeks It's been trying to figure out what I should be shoving in my face, how to do it and mixing it up so I'm not bored eating the same things over and over but now I feel like I have it down and the results have been great! 

I never thought I would be in a place where I'm looking forward to having a tall glass of Kale for breakfast but now I look forward to it every morning, or afternoon to give me a quick energy boost . 

mmmmm leafy goodness.....

Also still using the MyFitness App logging in my calories daily, which is keeping me on track. According to the app I should be eating 1,600 calories a day and it's been tough to even hit that! I'm averaging about 1,000-1,200 calories still, so I almost have to force down a snack or two to get even close. 

Of course the things that are still tough is when you are out and about on the weekends (Zoey wanted BagelMan on Saturday when we were shopping. Good luck avoiding the carbs but I did it) but it's not like I'm craving junk or unhealhy choices anymore. It's just hard to find anything not thrown on a hunk of bread or fried. It's just making good, smart choices, 

Even during the Super Bowl, which is always infamous for shoveling down junk food, snacks, etc. this time my "big splurge" for the evening was some Tab and cooking up a Buffalo Chicken Dip for myself in the crockpot. All that was in there was grilled chicken bits, Frank's Red hot, reduced fat cream cheese, yogurt blue cheese sauce and some blue cheese crumbles with some multigrain Green Mojo organic chips for the dipping. Total calories? less than 200 and it was killer!

Now that it has been a month, the next step......exercize. 

I got my DDP Yoga in the mail and I'm excited to try it. Only thing now is that I have to actually crack open the DVD and get started! I want to get the TV and Blue Ray in the basement so I can sneak down there and do it and we are in the process of moving furniture and electronics from upstairs to downstairs so I want to get that done first. That's my excuse right now for not waking up at 6am! 

But I'm ready and hopefully by next entry you will get the news that I have started. In the meantime I've been getting quite a workout shoving all of this stupid snow every few days....ugghh If it was up to me I swear If I didn't have family in the North East I'd be in a desert somewhere. 

Somewhere in here is a walk way...welcome to Hoth 

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