Calorie Counting and Wingy Missing

Greetings True Believers, 

I am sure the ones of twos of you who have been following this blog, if you read last week's entry are probably wondering to themselves "oh snap, Gregry was going to that Wingbowl thingy, I wonder if he was able to contain himself?" Well my friends the answer was...

I wasn't able to make it. 

Because of the bad weather that we had on Saturday around these parts (and apparently we are getting over 2 feet tomorrow and Tuesday too...WTF) I was not able to make it out of the house to make the trip down. It really bummed me out because I was looking forward to going for weeks and it seems that every time I make plans to escape the house and let loose for the day (I'm looking at you too Boy George) something gets in the way and things get cancelled. Seems to be way things have been going for me lately, but I heard a lot of people made it out (including my best friend, who ended up taking his son..godson representing the wings!) and a good time was had by all. 

Although I was bummed and I was all set on giving myself a "cheat day", it was nice waking up this morning without a killer hangover and wingy regret. As I mentioned in past entries this is a lifestyle change, not a diet and I'm not going to stress over if I end up going to a special event where I might indulge. The main focus is that I don't take that cheat day, look back with guilt and go "Oh well, fuck it" and go back to my evil ways. I'm feeling so much better in only 3 weeks and it's getting easier and easier. 

See, I've never been one who has done well with moderation. Anything that gives me that little high whether it's food, alcohol, caffiene etc. I will always do it in excess. If I buy a 12 pack of beer for the night, I'm gonna drink that whole 12 or I'll pass out trying. If I go out to eat, I'm never bringing home leftovers. I've always known that about myself so much so that if I know I have plans ahead of time, I will set up the scenario perfectly like I'm gearing up for a prize fight. I know that I can't go somewhere and just have "one or two" of anything so I will make special plans and make it a "perfect storm" for myself. If I know I'm going to be somewhere and there is alcohol involved I'll either completly obstain (which makes me cranky, but I've done it) get a ride or in the case of this weekend, I was all set on getting a room for the night even though it's only 1/2 hour away because I know I wouldn't be able to have a beer or two and just stop. As much as I try and tell myself "don't do it Greg..." Once that bad element hits my lips, It's over. At least doing it this way, I'm not putting anyone else in danger except myself and am being responsible about it. Wasn't aways that way for me in the past. 

I was all ready to be a good boy Saturday and obstain, have a wing or two and enjoy the company of my best friend (which was the main reason I wanted to go, I miss my friends a lot lately) but I also know myself and I was ready to plunk down the Visa and stay if things went south. In the end however, Mother Nature spanked me again and saved me a few bucks and some guilt I suppose. 

On the positive tip, I did download a great fitness app for my phone that I can scan barcodes on foods to count the nutirion value of an item and keep a diary which I'm really digging. Turns out reason I've been feeling so hungry is that I wasn't eating enough if you could beleive it. I should be eating @ 1,600 calories a day and I was only hitting @ 1,000-1,200. Also waiting for my DDP Yoga to come in the mail so once that does, I'm excited to start that. Now that the new diet is giving me more energy I'm looking forward to start being more active. 

I promised myself that I wouldn't weigh myself for 90 days. Reason being is that we rely too much on the number on the scale to let us know how we feel and I didn't want to do that to myself this time. No matter what you see half the time you are always hoping for more and sometimes when you don't see the number you want, you tend to go "aw, this isn't working fast enough" and you go right back to your old ways. I've done it and it almost becomes an obsession weighing yourself constantly. How many times have you felt great, only to step on the scale and be bummed because it's not the number you wanted? I heard that theory once on a podcast so I figured I would try it (I even heard not to look in a mirror too for 90 days but that's a little much...I'm too vain..ha!) 

Well, I'm sorry to say I broke down recently and snuck on the scale out of total curiosity just to see if all of this craziness is even working or worth it...


I'm down 15 lbs in three weeks. 



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