The Journey Begins... 290

290.....290 friggin pounds...

So the first week of my journey to health begins so what does one do when they start? They jump off that cliff and step on the dredded scale and see where they are starting at and that number is the one that came up last week. Nobody wants to step on an old school scale and see if almost come back to zero.

Just to give some background, most of the time in my life when I decided to lose weight in the past I've usually saw the scale at 260. A few years ago when I started to cut out the junk food and exersize I was at that weight and here we are, two years and 30 more pounds more than my usual "wake up weight". I went to the doctor about a year ago to to look into some problems I was having with my hearing and neck pain and when they weighed me there I was at 270lbs and thought even back then "wow" but I never thought I was even heavier than that, but unfortunately here we are. 

But it's funny as time goes on you trick yourself. You say things like "I'll just go up a jeans size I'll be more comfortable" or "I should get a XXL shirt, they shrink too much in the dryer" but even when the next size gets tighter, you can't blame anyone but yourself and your habits. 

So, by the time Monday came and I saw that number on the scale I was more than ready to get started. I started taking a multivitamin in the morning, along with juice for breakfast, salads for lunch (without drowning it in Blue Cheese dressing and mounds of other cheese. I swear I can make even a salad unhealthy if I wanted) more fruits or nuts for a snack and dinners consist of high protien like a red meat, grilled chicken, etc. No carbs, no starch, no sugars, no junk and no food whatsoever after 9pm. 

The first day I swear my body was literally in shock like "What the fuck are you doing? What is this shit?" but you know what? I immediately started feeling better! In only a few days I had more energy, I wasn't hurting on my legs and ankles as much and for the first time in ages it seems I didn't feel "gross". It's a good start.   

Sure it's been tough at times. The after 9pm time is always my snacking time (I was going through a pint of ice cream literally every day) and during the weekend I spent scraping cheese off of a slice of pizza so I could eat but at the end of the day, I feel so much better already. I'm looking forward now for getting my exersize vids in the mail this week and slowly intergrating that into my routine. 

And of course, with the diet comes the music! Going through all of the song drafts I have in the old GarageBand and seeing what's gonna be included in the album. So far we have titles (most working some not) like "$100 Bills", "The Morning Dew", "Absolutely Everything", "I Wish I Had You Forever", "Soursome", "The Terrible", "Beach Blanket", "Birthday" and a few more...I'm sure some will change to be more on the positive tip 


Trust me, it might look like ass but it's delightful 

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